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Amazon DVD Reseller Application Information 
To All Amazon Resellers,

Garden State Movies (formerly Mountain View Movies) is not associated with

We do not work for amazon or with amazon in any way.

Therefore, if you are only looking to purchase from us to get approved to sell on, that is not something we can guarantee.

If you are looking for a reliable wholesaler of dvds and blu-ray for resale, than that is what we do and have been doing since 2005.

We will try to assist our buyers in every way we can. However, our knowledge is limited, as Garden State Movies is not a part of the application review process.  The best advise we can provide is to contact for assistance with your application approval.

Keep in mind, that all sales with Garden State Movies are ONE WAY.  We do not accept buyer remorse returns.

Here is an excellent blog post on How To Get Ungated To Sell On Amazon

Here are some helpful hints based on other reseller feedback to us directly and from online forums...

1. All of our products are genuine, new, retail sealed , direct from the studios, region 1 product for the US and Canada markets.
2. You will receive an invoice which contains our company header and your order details in your order package. You can scan this invoice and save it as a jpg to email to amazon. Do NOT send them the email copy. 
3.  Black out the pricing on the invoices.
4. We are a wholesale business and have a strict $100 minimum order, per order. We will not be able to split up one order so you can have 3 invoices to provide amazon. If you need 3 invoices, you will need to place 3 separate orders via the website.
5. Many resellers are asking what they need to do to get accepted, and the answer is this...  We do not know the formula that amazon uses to make their determinations. You will need to contact for this information. We do not guarantee that because you place an order with Garden State Movies, you will be accepted by amazon. Amazon makes their determination on a seller by seller basis.
6. One of the stipulations of the Amazon requirements is that you provide invoices that include items that you intend to sell for over $25 msrp. So be sure to include invoices with items that have an msrp OVER $25 - every invoice you provide must have this.
7.  We do not have a section for items that have an msrp over $25 on amazon.  It will be up to you to research each UPC on Amazon for the suggested retail prices. 
8.  It appears that is checking the invoices against the items you sell. So, you should be sure to have invoices for all of the items you intend to list on Amazon.
9. All sales with Garden State Movies are one way. We do not accept buyer remorse returns or take back your unsold items.
10. Don't give up, as the process appears to be subjective. So it may just depend on who is reviewing your application. We have been told by some of our buyers that it took over 6 trys to get accepted. Sometimes starting a new application may help. Also phoning Amazon for assistance can help get you approved.
11.  We have heard from multiple sellers that Amazon is requiring a mimimum of 30 units on each order to qualify. This is just information we have heard, it is NOT A GUARANTEE you will be accepted by Amazon.

There is nothing Garden State Movies can do to get you accepted.

Garden State Movies stands behind our products 100% as we have since 2005.

** NOTE ** :  If your Amazon application passes their initial screening criteria, they will contact us to verify your order. 
If you are not accepted by Amazon, please contact them for an explanation.
We will contact you once your order has been VERIFIED by us with

** NOTE ** :  Do NOT request order verification with AMAZON until your order has been successfully delivered.

Here are some online links to assist you further...

Final Note:

Garden State Movies is a small family owned business. We are not a large conglomerate. We have stood behind our products and offered unmatched customer service since 2005.  Our integrity is paramount to our success.

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